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Enabling technologies


Prepared by: Minh Viet Le
Caufield School of Information Technology,
Faculty of Information Technology,
Monash University
Date created: May 2006

What is Nanotechnology used for?

* Cancer treatment
* Nano robots
* Car manufacturing
* Material improvement and development

What is Biotechnology used for?

* Cancer treatment
* Drug development
* Food processing
* Green energy (hydrogen based fuel)

What is Computer Technology used for?

* Quantum computing
* Grid computing
* Distributed computing
* Visual computing
* Speech computing
* Multimedia computing
* Mobile computing

What is Genetic Engineering used for?

* Genetic modification of crops
* Cloning
* Food improvement
* Crop protection

What is Imaging Technology used for?

* Vision imaging
* Interactive imaging
* Global Positioning Systems
* Medical imaging
* Games
* Fingerprint recognition
* Image and video retrieval
* Interactive multimedia

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