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  1. www.google.com

    Google is the most popular search engine so far.

  2. scholar.google.com

    A place where you can find a lot of useful published and unpublished papers and journals.

  3. en.wikipedia.com

    This is the place for you to look for the definitions and explanations of almost everything.

  4. www.yahoo.com

    Yahoo is where you can customise your interested news and read most of the latest movies reviews before going for the cinemas.

  5. www.ask.com

    Here is the place for you to ask a question and expect a meaningful answer.

  6. www.findarticles.com

    Findarticles is the place for you to find published articles (online?) written for a specific topic.

Wavelet links:
  1. Wavelet digest website
  2. Geoffdavis wavelet image compression

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