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Minh Viet Le
B.Eng(Electrical & Electronic)(Hochiminh City University of Technology),

This website is used for sharing my knowledge and information with you, and dedicated to applied mathematics. I love mathematics since I was at primary school. If you love mathematics I am sure this website will be useful to you. Can you imagine how we would advance our world without mathematics? Yes, certainly, there are many other necessary things that improve our life as well but this website only addresses the usefulness of mathematics in our life. Since human beings' life began, we have been trying to control nature. Things like how to control storms, floods, fires or cancers are today still unsolved problems. Science, in particular, the mathematics of analysing, modelling, and solving these problems is still limited. The evolution of humankind must depend on everyone's contribution, thus we are here for. I hope you enjoy the website as much as I do.

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